The atmosphere is mixed in tennis and a lot has happened in recent times. Novak Djokovic He is one of the key players in the entire evolution of the sport of the racket and his controversial statements about some sensitive issues have attracted much criticism for his role as an influential person in society. He addresses this issue in an extensive interview conducted in Serbia, where he is promoting the Adria Tour, and in which he also spoke about other aspects of whether he feels annoyed to feel less supported than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the interest that arouses in him to watch games of these and more matters of notable interest.

06/09/2020 09:06

We present to you who will play, in what format, where it will be seen and in which cities the new exhibition tournament organized by Djokovic will take place.

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– Awareness of his role as an influential man in society.

“My success in a global sport allows me to influence a lot of people. Maybe there are things I say that I later regret, not because I don’t think about them, but because they can generate a lot of controversy because of that responsibility I have, but I’m not a robot I am unable to spend my life isolated in a bubble and without pronouncing myself on any aspect, however controversial it may be. I believe that, through my experience, I can share things with many people whom I can help and I have no problem admitting I’m wrong when that happens, “said the Serb.

He made reference to the need to contribute new things and not limit himself to a single thought. “There are people who do not accept that they think differently than what is established. That is undemocratic, there is no unique and better way of thinking than the others. I am clear about my values: equality, respect, fair play, decency. There are people who want everyone to shut up and do not question anything. If I believe that something is just and adheres to the commandments of God, I will say it, whatever it is, “said the Balkan.

– Talking about topics in which you are not an expert does not consider it criticizable

“We are all free to express our opinions and whoever does not believe it is because he feels superior to others. I do not feel that way. All my life, I have learned tennis things thanks to people who play worse than me or who know less the circuit. If I denied the possibility of listening to them, I would have lost a lot of knowledge. I feel that you can always learn things, I know many people, in tennis and outside of it, who do not allow themselves to be advised and have an attitude of superiority regarding the others. As long as there is respect, I accept everything that is said to me and the others should also do it, I think, “he said.

– Feeding routines before games.

A few days ago, we knew what the strict diet that the Serb was following and in this interview, he addresses the rumors that he does not eat anything before big games and that this had happened in the final of Wimbledon 2019. “When I speak of fasting, I don’t mean not eating anything but spending long periods of time without it. Before games, I usually drink a lot of liquid and recharge with fruit and oatmeal. I take vitamin supplements and energy drinks, but I don’t like eating solid things at all. and forceful before the matches. Fear, pressure and nerves can make your stomach hurt, so I prefer to feel light, “he said.

Djokovic offers details of what the strict diet he follows is like

06/02/2020 11:06

With a diet based on plant sources, the Serbian ensures that he follows the intermittent fast with which he reaches 16 hours without eating.

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– Feelings that many people support Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, even in their country

“Everyone has their preferences, I am not the one to pretend that someone supports me instead of someone else. I like that tennis influencers speak respectfully of everyone, remain impartial and express their personality. What I don’t I could understand if someone from Serbia did not support me if I am playing Davis Cup, “he said before referring to an anecdote that occurred to him when he was walking with his wife and children along the Sava riverbed in Belgrade.

“A man came up to me and said, ‘Do you know that I am the only one in Serbia who prefers Federer over you?’ I simply told him that he was a superhero if he really was the only one in the whole country and that he expected some One day he could change his opinion, but if he didn’t, nothing happened, it was his choice. We ended up chatting very friendly and I told him things about what Roger is like. There are people who talk to you with the intention of irritating you and others who do it with great respect It is important to handle those situations, “he revealed.

– Relationship with the press and interest in the matches of their rivals

“Honestly, I have spent many years trying to know very little of what is being said about me. If I had to choose my favorite commentators, I would stick with Hewitt, McEnroe and Becker. matches, “he said, without revealing who it might be. Questioned about whether he watches games during tournaments in which he remains in the fray, Djokovic was forceful.

“I usually watch the games of the night sessions on the days when I don’t compete. In the morning I try to relax and spend time with my family. In any case, I usually try to always watch the games of Roger and Rafa, they are my great rivals like that I am interested in knowing how they are. There are times when, if I have little time, I see the summaries on YouTube so that I can enjoy only the parts that interest me, “declared an ever sincere Novak Djokovic.

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