The stars are lining up after the official data offered by the ATP regarding the ATP ranking. There is little more than a month left for the season to resume and the best in the world take positions and hint at their position regarding the idea of ​​playing the US Open 2020. With the coronavirus completely out of control in many areas of the United States, skepticism is slowly turning into clear opposition to playing there. There is already a player who has refused to play the Grand Slam, and Nadal’s announcement about his presence in the Mutua Madrid Open 2020 introduced nuances of doubt, which are increased by the words of Novak Djokovic in, where he also refers to the criticism received for what happened in the Adria Tour.

Calendar plans and presence at US Open 2020. I can assure that I will not play the Washington tournament, while Cincinnati would be planned if I finally played the US Open, but I still do not know if I will be there, “said the Serb.” What is certain is that I will play Roland Garros, and I also have In mind, playing in Madrid and Rome, “said a Djokovic who did not hesitate to reveal what he thinks of the scoring system in the officially announced ranking.” The new scoring method is correct, “he revealed.

Response to criticism received for what happened on Adria Tour. “Lately all I’ve seen about me have been ruthless, very malicious criticism. It seems obvious to me that this responds to a strategy, to a kind of witch-hunt against me,” said the Balkan with a certain victimhood, before continuing with his theory and fleeing any hint of humility and error recognition. “It is clear that when something happens, a person has to pay and it is interesting that some great name is to blame for everything,” Novak Djokovic stated flatly, on his return to training in Serbia.