Taking advantage of the latest Tennis United program, where several ATP and WTA players meet online to discuss certain topics, Novak Djokovic He discussed several interesting details about his diet and the diet that follows. It must be remembered that for years, the Serbian changed his eating routines completely after discovering that he was gluten intolerant and has been adjusting his diet until he is very strict with what he eats to take care of his body and provide him with all the energy necessary to be a elite athlete.

Chatting with Pospisil, Nole acknowledged following intermittent fasting, a practice that has become very famous in recent times and that consists of spending many hours without eating absolutely anything in the period between dinner the night before and breakfast in the morning. “I usually do this intermittent fasting. I try to get up to 16 hours without consuming significant calories or consuming energy from my body to digest. I don’t do it every day, but I like to do it,” says Djokovic.

“I like to wake up and drink a glass of hot water with lemon and silver drops, which are very good for all bacteria and that kind of detox stuff,” says Novak, who gives details of what he usually eats for breakfast. “I make myself a green smoothie with spinach, vegetables and spirulinas. I also have a lot of fruit for breakfast,” adds the Serb, who jokes with Garbiñe Muguruza, who also participated in the call and was shown cooking a potato omelette. “Garbiñe, I don’t usually eat those things. With me you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on food since I don’t usually eat anything during the middle of the day,” he said with amusement.

Offering more details on the type of diet he follows, Djokovic reveals that he follows a plant-based diet, which comes from plant sources such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts or soy. “I have been doing this for five years now. The truth is that I grew up following a completely opposite diet, since I ate meat three times a day. I changed it and I am very happy to have done it,” says Nole, who admits that when he invites to his friends home for a barbecue, he makes his own salad, potatoes or vegetables. “I have no problem with that,” he ends with a laugh.