Novak Djokovic: “It was my best match of the tournament”

Yes Novak Djokovic He continues to play at the same level that he offered this Thursday against Kei Nishikori, forget about the excitement of the Olympic Games, the gold belongs to him. It’s simple: you can’t play better. The Serbian showed a version that touched perfection, whether at the time of serving, as in the tactical approach, the attack balls or when it was his turn to counterattack, he did everything well. In front, a lost rival who did not understand what was happening, did not understand why the same movie of all his life was being repeated again, the one he has been watching for the last seven years. Being one of the best tennis players of the decade, the Japanese accepted reality and threw in the towel before an athlete full of light, talent and hunger.

But Novak Djokovic’s ambition does not stop here, since yesterday we also see him competing in the mixed doubles table with his partner Nina Stojanovic, the woman who is having the pleasure of enjoying on the court next to the best player on the planet . In the mind of the Balkan there is only one written word, win. And if possible, raze. He wants everything, but above all he wants to clear up the last doubts that may remain about his greatness, influencing those who still do not think that he will eat at the same table as Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal. Indeed, if you continue to perform at this level, you will end up eating separately. After adding two new wins in these Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Belgrade player answered some questions about his path within the box, his rivalry with Nishikori or the time change proposed to the organization for the final stretch of the event.

“The matches are not getting easier, we cannot do that reading, what is true is that my tennis level is improving more and more,” said Novak, who has lost 17 games in four matches played in the individual table. . Today, against Kei, only two. “This has happened to me many times in my career, I did it countless times, let’s say that I am a kind of player who, as the days of the tournament progress, the better I am on the court. This has been repeated here, so far today’s game has been my best performance so far in the tournament, it has been a great night against a very good rival, “he said with a wide smile of satisfaction.

In fact, such was the dance that we hardly remembered what the beginnings of this rivalry were like. In the first three clashes between Djokovic and Nishikori, two of them were won by the Japanese. ‘His black beast has arrived’, some predicted. Since then, the Belgrade has won all 16 matches they have played again. “I know Kei perfectly, I know how his game works. Playing in Japan, with what that represents, and on a track where he was very successful in the past, I knew that I would jump onto the track with the intention of playing very fast, that I was barely going to have time in exchanges, so I had to be very alert at all times. The truth is, I felt that I had an answer for everything I proposed ”, he contrasted.

The time change, an absolute success

The other big news of the day at the Ariake Tennis Park was the change in the programming of the matches. We will no longer have tennis before 15:00 local time, a movement that a group of players promoted and that ended up reaching the managers. Although it was already late, the decision to change the time ended up being unanimous, thus giving the protagonists a break. “Playing with this schedule is totally different, it has nothing to do with the other days. It is true that we still have a very charged environment, there is a lot of humidity and that makes you sweat all the time, but we already feel that suffocating heat, you don’t have to fight with the combination of heat and humidity ”, declared the world No. 1, who tomorrow he will have two new commitments.

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