It never rains to everyone’s liking and the stubbornness of the US Open 2020 By getting ahead, it has been able to generate important gaps within the ATP. The firm opposition of Novak Djokovic To the fact that the tournament could be played in the days prior to the official announcement, they have not prevented the Balkan now showing his satisfaction at the news that there will be tennis in New York, but there is still a background of doubt and skepticism in his attitude. The world number 1 is not convinced of the suitability of playing the tournament and refuses to confirm if it will be the game in the final table.

A short time after the decision was known, the Serb was happy and hoped that the restrictive measures would be somewhat relaxed. In an interview a few hours later, collected on, the Balkan went further. “Personally, it is difficult for me to accept that we have to go through a quarantine, especially if we could not train on the tracks or in the gym. It is nonsense to remain fourteen days isolated without doing anything before playing major tournaments,” he says, referring to a of the most controversial measures of the protocol prepared by the tournament.

This will be the protocol of the US Open 2020 for players

06/16/2020 11:06

The USTA shares the official protocol that the players must follow: tests, guidelines, transportation, accommodation, distance, etc.

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“However, I have been able to speak with members of the USTA and ATP and they have told me that it is probable that during that quarantine we could train on the track. The option that we do not have to quarantine cannot be ruled out either, that would be ideal” , affirms emphatically the Serbian, who loses that virtue when asked directly about his presence in the New York tournament. “There is a long time ahead to decide. Things can change significantly in two months, so I still have time. Right now I cannot say if I will play or not because although I would love to play, I want to see how the subject evolves and what restrictive measures end being in force “, he assured Novak Djokovic.