Novak Djokovic defeats Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros 2021

An ode to tennis, a gift to world sport and a monument worthy of being a World Heritage Site. This is the only way to define the duel between Rafael Nadal Y Novak Djokovic in this Roland Garros 2021, one of those encounters that remain etched in the collective imagination and give meaning to a life. Tennis is what it is thanks to these two men who managed to get the French authorities to bypass the curfew so that the audience could see the end of the match. The result ended up opting for Djokovic’s side by a score of 3-6 6-3 7-6 (4) 6-2, in a duel full of nuances and points to remember that, for many, is already one of the best games in the history of this sport.

The first set It began as the final of last year unfolded, with an overwhelming Nadal, flying around the track and neutralizing all argument of the Serbian. Although it is true that the first two games were anthological and there were alternatives for both, the fact of losing them seemed to throw Djokovic a bit off-track, who lowered the level to 5-0 for the Spaniard. The scoreboard was as forceful as it was misleading, since it was evident that the reaction would come and it did not take long. Novak began to be more aggressive and implemented a tactical formula that he would use very wisely during the rest of the game, such as high balls from defensive situations. He played three consecutive games, raised Rafa 40-0 in the ninth game, but the Spaniard had the ability to close the set by leaning on his serve.

The equality that was experienced from the initial bars of the second sleeve it was absolutely colossal, irrefutable proof that something historic was in the making. Two legends beating the copper open grave, with absolutely vibrant exchanges, permanent tactical nuances and changes in height and speed only within the reach of two wonderful minds. The left-overs followed one another, the intrahistories seeking to acquire the initiative to dictate the law and the miraculous recoveries to go from defense to attack in a blink of an eye. Novak struck first, getting 2-0, Nadal equaled and the Serbian went back to 4-2. It was the seventh absolutely key game, with several break balls for the Spaniard who could not convert. He tried to the end, but Djokovic closed the service with solvency.

Nadal finished the match with 8 doubles and lost a set ball in the third set.

The meeting only grew, the night conditions caused severe difficulty for the services to make a difference third partial it was a martyrdom for either of them to overwhelm the other from the back of the court. Only on the basis of power, skill, hard work and infinite patience could they unbalance the balance on one side or the other. Djokovic was superior in the opening bars and caused every game of the Spanish to serve was a nightmare. He made a break, could not keep it up and continued to persevere afterwards to re-open the gap. It came to be with 5-4 and 30-0, but the best tennis and competitive character of the Balearic Islands emerged to balance the score.

The feeling was that the resolution of such an even set could be decisive. Each game was a battle and Nadal had a ball to win with 5-6. The Serbian solved it with an amazing drop and directed the partial to a tie-breaker not allowed for cardiacs. Nadal started off with a double fault, but made up his mind early, until one of those dramatic moments that make all the difference in a game like this one. With 4-3 in sudden death for the Balkan, there was a memorable point that the Spanish had in his hand with a very comfortable volley. He threw her out, hitting her late, and threw her hands to her head, aware of what that mistake meant.

Djokovic recorded 50 winners and 37 unforced errors

The fourth set began with Nadal unleashed, seeking to open a gap taking advantage of a certain relaxation of the Serbian. He managed to do it, but thanks to a miraculous performance of his own and not because Novak lowered the piston. In fact, it didn’t take long for the world number 1 to regain lost ground and move to 3-2 up, at which point Nadal took a slight slump. He took advantage of it to return to give a blow that seemed definitive, placing himself with a break advantage. He closed it with solvency, showing that this time he was the best. Novak Djokovic present your credentials to win Roland Garros 2021, but also to be the best ever.

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