Novak Djokovic had a comfortable and placid debut in the land of Foro Italico de Rome, before the local Salvatore Caruso. The Belgrade player advanced quickly in his first contact with clay and appeared before the press to continue discussing his post-disqualification ‘hangover’ at the US Open, his intentions with the new players’ association and whether he considers himself undefeated despite said default before Carreño.

Your current state of mind and need to compete.

“I would not say that I have regained happiness today because I am happy regardless of tennis, I do not form my happiness if I lose or win a match. Obviously, after that situation in New York, mentally I spent 4 or 5 days with ups and downs, and starting training in I had very good training sessions to face these first matches. It is true that I was looking forward to having the first match on the ground as soon as possible to be able to remove everything that was left of that episode, so I think those blocks and ‘dramas’ are dissipating. Today I felt good, I moved well, I kept control, I built the points as the land demands, because it is completely different. Everything went well, I am very happy. “

Is Djokovic considered unbeaten in 2020? Novak doesn’t care too much about it.

“I don’t consider myself unbeatable in general, everyone is beatable, I know I didn’t finish my game at the US Open and it ended that way and I was officially defeated, it’s not something I give too much importance to, the important thing is that the Confidence is still there, regardless of the surface. I look forward to continuing in this tournament and making it to Roland Garros well. “

The Serbian reiterates that they do not want a separation from the ATP.

“I met Andrea at the players’ meeting two days ago, for two and a half hours. We have no problems between us, we are very transparent, there is an open relationship between the two, I respect him a lot, he is the President of the ATP. No We want to fight with them, which is something that those who build the stories and the news want to do, we have never said about boycotting or separating or something similar. We want to work together, with the players too, there are almost 200 players who have signed our proposal. The Players Association is moving forward, it is very important for us to feel represented and to bring a new idea to the ATP. We do not want to fragment anything but we want and need an association that represents us. This is it. “