The world will be different after COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic is being of such caliber that it could even be said to be at the gates of a new historical stage. Nova Science analyzes the international shock caused by the virus, from the hand of specialists in history and economics. Download Nova Ciencia.

These days are being very rare for everyone. No one had ever experienced a similar situation. Not even in times of war had the world been paralyzed in such a way.

What consequences will it have? For the economy, obviously, many. But also in the international geopolitical scenario, with a China that is already positioned as the world’s leading power and plays the role that the United States once took with its Marshall Plan.

Various experts in Economics and History analyze this pandemic and compare it with other epidemics that marked changes in the economic, political and social cycle.

Climate change and allergies

The Nova Ciencia magazine, in its April issue, echoes an estimate by researchers from the University of Jaén, who forecast a tough spring for those allergic to olive pollen, with peaks similar to those of 2017, which were especially high. The reason, the winter so warm and dry, a reality that worsens as the climate change.

Also in the field of the environment, Nova Ciencia takes its pages to two investigations carried out at the University of Almería. The first studies the use of Bayesian networks for the analysis of relationships between different elements of ecosystems. This tool has enormous potential to better understand the complexity of environmental processes.

Similarly, it presents an innovation developed at the Higher School of Engineering in Almería, to study the effects of eolic erosion on the floors. It’s about a laser scanner applied in a wind tunnel, which shows earth movements to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter.

5G education and technology

Education also has a place at Nova Ciencia, with a project from the University of Murcia, for the enhancement of non-cognitive skills. Educate to Be, as it is called, enhances the culture of effort and has been implemented in Murcia, Madrid, La Rioja and in some regions of Argentina and the United States.

The 5G technology It is going to revolutionize communications, but it poses some challenges in terms of cybersecurity. Nova Ciencia presents some of the work in this field carried out by the NICS research group, one of the most advanced in this field.

In addition, all the current information on the Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Almería, Murcia, Alicante and Castilla-La Mancha campuses.

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