During this time of confinement by the coronavirusMany footballers have given interviews to the media to explain how they are living the quarantine and to express their opinion about the return to competition. The last one to do it has been Dani Olmo, who has attended Radio Marca.


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Alex Carazo

The Spanish Leipzig striker has commented on the training routine of your team: “We are training individuallyWe don’t train the whole group together. We have the facilities available in case we need them, and We have a schedule to not lose fitness and maintain it“And he has sentenced:” You don’t know when you are going to play again, but more than ever it is time not to stop training

Dani Olmo has assured that the situation in Germany is somewhat calmer than in Spain: “We do not have the level of alert that there is in Spain but it is all closed. Only supermarkets and essential stores are open. “

The former Dinamo from Zagreb and Barça affirm that he is very happy at RB Leipzig: “German football really appealed to me the way it was. The atmosphere of their fields … everything. I am very happy to be here“It has also recognized that rejected other proposals: “There were several teams interested in me before signing for Leipzig, but the one that showed the most interest was them and here I am.”

It has been shown very grateful to his previous teams: “I was clear about what I wanted to be when I went to Croatia to play. At Dinamo Zagreb they have allowed me to play young in the Champions League and Europa League. I am the player I am thanks to Barça’s years as a youth team and six years in Zagreb

On the possibility of playing without an audience in the stands: “Nothing would happen if you play behind closed doors. If you can’t, you can’t, neither will we refuse to play. In addition, he has regretted not being able to meet the goals that he had set for this 2020 with the Selection: “One of the objectives of this season was to play the Olympic Games and the European Championship. I would not change it for anything

Dani Olmo signed for RB Leipzig at the last winter market, when it looked like he could make the leap to a great team. It seems that the context of the german team is perfect for its football development since it is a very young and high level squad. However, Julian Nagelsmann has not counted on him much at the moment and has only played 5 games in 2020.