Not tender with Mbappé, Kombouaré explains his “bad” players

For the new FC Nantes coach, the time for comparisons between Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet come.

By Antoine Kombouaré’s own admission, the poster between the FC Nantes and theOlympic Marseille, Saturday, will be a duel of the sick. “We are sicker than Marseille,” he nevertheless confided, well aware of the reality of the classification. While OM, thanks to their success against Nice (3-2) on Wednesday, climbed back to 6th place, Nantes, still scarred by its series of 18 games without defeat, still points to 18th square.

The Nantes coach nevertheless wanted to clarify his remarks made during his presentation press conference. “My players know they are bad,” he said. Statements that did not fail to amaze. The former Parisian insisted on adding water to his wine. “Remember when I arrived. They said I said the players were bad. They are bad because they are 18th. But if I came here, it’s because I think there is quality. There are good players capable of doing a lot better than they have done so far, ”he said.

“When he has a Ballon d’Or or three, we can discuss”

Antoine Kombouaré obviously does not want to ignite. And it is the same when he mentioned the performance of the PSG, Tuesday, on the lawn of FC Barcelona. “You have to be careful: with the media when it’s not good, it’s very bad and when it’s good, we say it’s exceptional, he explained. I saw a big match from PSG, winning 4-1 is fantastic but with what they have suffered in recent times including the comeback, they are well aware that it is far from over. What matters is to qualify. They have learned from their mistakes I hope. “

A speech that also applies to Kylian Mbappé. The former defender is indeed struggling to understand the excitement around the performance of the world champion tricolor, author of a hat-trick on the lawn of Camp Nou. To believe him, he is still far from being able to claim to compete with Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. “If you look at their performance, they’re still there. I heard some wondering if Mbappé is at that table. No, Mbappé is an exceptional player, fantastic but he is young. When he has a Ballon d’Or or three, we can talk. But for now, we should not compare with Messi and Ronaldo, ”he said.

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