Not one more, not one less

Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / AFP / Getty Images

One of the most gruesome and heinous crimes in Puerto Rico’s history occurred days ago when a professional boxer murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Allegedly, he did not want that child to be born, so he kidnapped the future mother, knocked her out unconscious, injected her with drugs, tied her body to some blocks, and threw her over a bridge to drown and sink into the lagoon. ; but on top of all that, he shot him from the bridge …

The same Félix Verdejo who filled Puerto Rico with glory from several rings, surprisingly filled him with mourning, consternation and much anger.

A national courage that became “the last straw” for a whole country to join in putting a stop to the cases of domestic violence and femicide that continue to grow on the island and around the world. For more than a week, hundreds took to the streets to raise awareness of the social problem and with the slogan “Not one more, not one less”, they asked that the tragic death of Keishla Rodríguez be the last case of a woman murdered at the hands of her partner.

In addition, they demanded a strong hand from the authorities for those who threaten a female. But going out and asking men to respect their partners is not enough to stop the wave of mistreatment and murder of women. It is proven that a jealous, macho and abusive man does not form overnight, nor can he stop being an abuser from one day to the next. So telling these men “enough is enough” is not enough.

It is more appropriate to start by campaigning where women are “bombarded” with information on how to identify an abuser and escape from his side, before the relationship turns into one of physical or emotional abuse, and at worst. cases end his life, as happened with the beautiful and sweet Keishla.

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