Not Mexican? Real nationality of ‘Chabelo’ is surprising

Although you may not believe it, but Xavier López Rodríguez, known in the artistic world as “Chabelo”, is not of Mexican origin.

The actor and comedian was born on February 17, 1935, in Chicago, Illinois, United States; Although his father was Mexican, Xavier spent his adolescence in Chicago, being recruited, when he turned 18, into the United States Army and serving at a base in San Diego, it is also said that he was close to participating in the Korean War .

After his time as a soldier, he went with his father of Mexican origin to live in Mexico City where he studied medicine, a profession he only exercised for 4 years.

But during his time as a student, a friend and neighbor of his, dedicated to the radio production of a company, invited him to work at Televicentro. In this company he collaborated as a production assistant, cameraman and floor manager, beginning to feel attracted to acting, which led him to study Dramatic Art for four years.

He began as an actor in teletheaters, as a substitute for actors, until he met Arturo Elizondo and Ramiro Gamboa, the latter better known as Tío Gamboín, who would give him the opportunity to tell a joke on his show, assuming the name of the character in the joke. , Chabelo.

“Chabelo”, Xavier little by little began to gain popularity, even managing to be the image for the PepsiCo company. Xavier’s talent led him to work in New York at the Puerto Rico Theater and he returned to write and produce the radio program La media hora de Chabelo.

He also worked in El show del Loco Valdés, La carabina de Ambrosio, La cuchufleta, among others. For 1967, Chabelo premiered the program En familia con Chabelo, which aired every Sunday morning until 2015.

Source: SDP