Nostalgic, Belinda reveals details of new Netflix series

Nostalgic, Belinda reveals details of new Netflix series (Instagram)

Nostalgic, Belinda reveals details of new Netflix series | Instagram

Singer Belinda confirms return to acting with Netflix series

Belinda revealed that soon he will return to acting after in 2010 he made his last work of this type within the series “Killer women”.

Through her social networks, the actress confirmed that she will be part of the Spanish series entitled “Welcome to Eden”, Produced by the Netflix platform.

Without forgetting the death of her grandmother Juana Moreno, which occurred on February 10, the singer also gave the good news to her fans.

I am very excited to share this new project, I really wanted to work in Spain for many reasons, I dedicate this to you grandmother # BienvenidosAEdén @netflixes “, wrote Beli next to the message confirming at the beginning of the filming.

The publication shared by the Spanish singer is accompanied by an image from the account of @Netflix Spain, which announces the recording of the series and mentions some of the figures that will participate in this production, where, as it is possible to appreciate, the name of the “pop star“.

We bite the apple a thousand times if necessary. The filming of the series “Welcome to Eden” begins, with Amaia Salamanca, Lola Rodríguez, Berta Vázquez Ana Mena, Begoña Vargas, Belinda Peregrín, Sergio Momo and more.

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Apparently, The Voice Kids 2021It would not be the only project that Belinda has on her doorstep to appear on television, as they reveal, the singer would travel to her native Spain for the recordings of a new project.

The artist of the moment, Belinda Peregrin Schüll, would return to her origins after accepting a new project, which includes her return to the motherland, a country from where she would emigrate very young with her family to settle in Mexico.

Everything indicates that the “pop star“Belinda, a naturalized Mexican, received a proposal that she could not have rejected, according to a Mexican journalist, the interpreter of”Love at first sight“It is already preparing in its next facet.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days the news was released that the “latin pop princess“He would finally star in his return to the screens in Mexico, something that many of his followers would already look forward to.

It was at first when the version came from the mouth of the communicator, Flor Rubio, according to what transpired from the journalist of the show through a video that she shared on her Instagram account.

The Spanish-Mexican beauty would not refuse this juicy proposal, which will be recorded in its entirety in Spain for a major streaming service company, according to the first reports released.

Well, I know that it is a series, as I had already told you, and that it is for a very important platform and for that reason Belinda did not miss this opportunity, the journalist shared.

It is a fact that now her fame and popularity have opened more doors to the model and influencer, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who would make her debut in this series in which she will once again return to her origins.

The collaborator of the morning “Venga la Alegría” reiterated that it was quite a surprise since for many years Belinda would have dedicated most of her efforts to her career in music.

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It should be said that Christian Nodal’s girlfriend and the author of themes such as “Bella betrayal”, “Boba nice girl”, “Egoísta”, etc., took up some projects in acting, the first, in 2010, in the series “Mujeres as3s! Nas” and in “Baywatch” and in 2017 she starred in a brief appearance.