Norway – June 2021: Tesla sweeps and Model 3 leads the market

For five months Toyota has been quietly leading the makes and model rankings thanks to the success of the RAV4. In June it was neither the ID.4 nor the Mach-E, Tesla with its Model 3 ranks first as Norway’s best-selling car with a significant difference.

The best month of June in the history of Norwegian registrations, a good way to start the article with a total of 20,392 units. It does not seem excessively large until we see that the increase compared to the same month last year is 78.2%. ORa real pass at the level of figures and more considering that Norway in terms of registrations It was not hit in the same way as other countries like Spain, France or Italy.

This translates into an improvement of 41.7% compared to the January-June period of last year with the sum of 83,930 units. As we well know, Norway is the home of electricians and June has been no exception as we will see later in the ranking, but for dropping an important data, 64.7% of the cars registered in June were electric. 13,184 cars specifically.

A drop of no less than 10 spots seems to point to 2008’s demise from the top 20.

If we analyze the top 20 by models, we find that apart from the success of the Model 3, which also overtakes the RAV4 It should be noted how the Ford Mustang Mach-E is still a model that is working very well and it remains in a second place that although it seems little, the difference in units sold with the month of May is 95 units.

It is important to note that the Skoda Enyaq remains strong against its Volkswagen cousin (ID.4) which this month has received reinforcements in sales of the Volkswagen ID.3 that returns to the top 20 after being disappeared in the ranking last May.

Speaking of missing, the Peugeot 208 no longer makes an appearance and its brother SUV, 2008 indicates that it could soon disappear from the ranking after going from position 9 to 19 in just one month. It has not been a great month for BMW, which loses the i3 in the rankings, although its new range with the i4 and iX this year should be noticed. We will continue to inform.

BMW will receive this same year reinforcements in its electric range to climb positions in Norway.

Logically, with the success of the Tesla Model 3, the brand has placed first in June but it is still far from Volkswagen and Toyota that are much more constant month by month in front of the American brand that gives surprises from time to time and then hides until further notice.

Sales by model

The best-selling cars are:

JUN 2021 MODELS JUN 2021 SALES 2021 SALES (JAN-JUN) 2021 RANKING (JAN-JUN) 1Tesla Model 3 3,196 6,270 12Ford Mustang Mach-E 1,289 2,718 63Skoda Enyaq 1,115 2,294 104Toyota RAV4 1,104 5,316 25Volkswagen ID.4 872 X3 4,340M 7Wolvo X3 4,326 X3 4,340M 36Volvo 572 1,368 178Nissan Leaf 539 2,502 89Mercedes-Benz EQC 485 2,568 710Volvo XC60 438 1,884 1211Hyundai Kona 433 1,786 1,312Volkswagen ID.3 380 1,097 2013Polestar 2 339 2,349 914Audi e-tron 338 3,235 515MG ZS 337 1,579 1416Korea 30017Toy 31067 C 1416 -HR 225 1,121 1919 Peugeot 2008 205 1,958 1120BMW X1 113 1,303 18

Sales by brand

The registrations achieved by the manufacturers are:

JUN 2021 RANKING JUN 2021 SALES BRAND 2021 SALES (JAN-JUN) 2021 RANKING (JAN-JUN) 1Tesla 3.197 6.34142Toyota 1.992 9.58013Volkswagen 1.830 7.91634Ford 1.637 4.38585Skoda 1.483 4.75966Volvo 1.481 8.02427BMW 1.327Mundai 1.481 8.02427BMW 1.327Mundai 2.911 8,02427BMW 1.327Mundai 2,911 8,02427BMW 1.327 Benz 8,911 8,02427BMW 1.327Mundai 1.481 8.02427 Kia 589 2.6161312Peugeot 573 4.0391013Nissan 561 2.6831214Suzuki 378 1.6231615MG 368 1.8011516Polestar 340 2.3511417Mazda 306 1.5451718Mitsubishi 269 1.1741819Citroën 228 1.1071920Opel 185 97620

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