As part of efforts to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, Nintendo has announced the temporary cessation in the activity of all its repair centers in North America. While it is true that in some countries of that continent (especially the United States), it has been decided to prioritize the economy over lives, Nintendo has decided not to follow that line, stay in line with the initial measures and prevent rather than regret.

The Japanese company has not wanted to give any date for the reopening of these centers, however it has left a document of “Questions and Answers” to try to clear any doubts. We leave it translated below:

When will repair service be available again?

Our repair centers will remain closed until further notice. All this in accordance with local and federal guidelines regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus. The next page will be updated in the future to give more details.

What if I have already sent a product for repair?

If the product to be repaired is on the way to one of our centers, it may be returned to you as “not delivered”. If the repair center has already received your product, it will remain in our facilities until our activity resumes.

If I have a pending repair and I have not yet sent my product, can I send it?

No, if you send us any product it will be returned to you as “not delivered”.

Can I use the same issue number once the service is resumed?

Your incident number (RMA, repair order, etc.) will remain in our system for 180 days. Once repairs are available again, you can use the same number.

What happens if my product warranty expires while the repair centers are closed?

If your product warranty expires during the closing period, we will be more than happy to respect the amount of time you have left. (In short, the closing days do NOT count towards the guarantee, so if you have 1 month left, the counter for that month will start as soon as the repair centers reopen).

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And that has been all for now, remember that this guide is only valid for North America (Probably only the United States), so if you live in Europe, it is best to call the Nintendo customer service number in your country.