The British wants to ensure that Woking workers return to their jobs

Recognize that you can organize more charity events against Covid-19

Lando Norris has explained that both he and Carlos Sainz have decided to voluntarily reduce their wages to ensure that all McLaren workers return to their jobs as normal when the confinement for coronavirus ends. The Brit will continue to compete behind the screen with charity events.

Norris has commented that with his salary reduction, as Carlos Sainz has done, he seeks to help Woking workers who have received an ERTE. He wants everything to return to everyday life and that the crisis affects employees as little as possible.

“It is the best for everyone, including me, because we must ensure that everyone can return to their jobs when they return. It is a sad moment for Formula 1 drivers and workers, “he said in conversation with the British channel Sky Sports.

“There are many boys and girls who have worked very hard for many years and this winter to create a car. And suddenly they have reached a point where everything has stopped,” he added.

Norris believes that many Grand Prix will be canceled due to the spread of the disease. He doesn’t see a 2020 with much action on the slopes: “I hope not, but I think we won’t be able to do much this year. Maybe we don’t run some races. ”

The McLaren driver appeals to responsibility. He thinks that it is best to act sensibly in the situation to avoid that this has negative consequences in the future.

“Seeing everyone at home when we would love to be working with the car, finding the best lap time and winning races is difficult. But the best we can do is ensure that we return to normal without making many changes.” .

Norris shaved his hair at a live charity event that raised more than $ 10,000. He is already thinking of more ideas for the same purpose to shave his head completely as some fans ask.

“Everybody thought I was going to be completely bald, maybe I got to that point. I will get used to what I have now and maybe another idea comes out and I end up completely bald. It was to fight the Covid-19 and to help people who are suffering the mostNorris has expressed to finish.

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