Norris believes his slow pitstop cost him the podium at Silverstone

Norris was running third before the stop, but lost time caused him to fall behind the Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, and also had to find a way to get past Fernando Alonso to finally finish fourth.

Shortly after the stop, he was heard saying an insult on the radio after realizing that the Finn had overtaken him.

“I would love to think so,” he said when He asked if he could have kept the third position.

“Of course those were my emotions at the time, I was not very happy to come out in that position.”

“But in the end, whether we could have kept third is the question, because the Mercedes were much faster on the second stint and compared to everyone else, they somehow took a big step forward.”

“I don’t know what we could have accomplished, but at least here at Silverstone in front of the fans, I would have liked a chance to fight. We held them at bay, not easily, but reasonably well on the first stint. He was never there. in DRS zone “.

“I would have had a chance, I think. I had everyone’s motivation to go for it and push.”

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Norris He admitted that the wait in the pits had seemed like an eternity.

“It feels like a lot, yeah,” he said. “I don’t know what it was, eight seconds or something? At that point all I needed was a good pit stop and I would have gone ahead of Bottas. And then the worst part was that I came out behind Fernando, which meant I couldn’t push on the first lap. “

“I destroyed my tires, which meant that the entire stint was compromised just by pushing so hard on that first lap to try and get something back, so it was like a double loss that I had.”

However, he did not complain about the poor pit stop.

“The guys have done a good job the entire season and have made steady progress the entire time and the pitstops have been improving, and this is my first bad pit stop I would say of the entire season.”

At one point there was some confusion when the team told him to lose a tenth in high-speed corners to protect the car after it had a vibration in the tires, and Norris initially thought that he had been told to gain a tenth.

“I was talking at the end of the straights, but it’s like there were high revs and so forth, so it was a bit difficult to hear. I thought they were telling me to try to gain a tenth at high speed, which made me think I wasn’t very sure, I’m already risking a lot! “

“And it was actually losing a tenth to be on the safer side, so yeah, I didn’t hear it clearly, but it was all good.”

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