Norman Reedus developing ‘Neglected Murderesses’ series for AMC

Variety will report that Norman Reedus (‘The Walking Dead’) will develop for AMC a television series based on the novel by Edward Gorey, ‘Neglected Murderesses’. Under the agreement with AMC Studios, Reedus will executive produce the series through his production company bigbaldhead, alongside JoAnne Colona and Amanda Verdon.

The story is described as a black comedy that tells the story of twelve fictional and enterprising murderers who use particularly unique methods to scare off their victims. Without going any further, Nurse J. Rosebeetle threw her employer in his wheelchair off a cliff at Sludgemouth in 1898; Mrs. Fledaway mixed her husband’s tea with atropine in the spring of 1903; and Miss Q. P. Urkheimer broke her fiancé’s face after failing to get a replacement at Glover’s Lanes.

The outlet also advances that the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust has pledged to donate all proceeds from the project to a number of animal welfare organizations, given Gorey’s fondness for animals. Among these organizations will be The Elephant Sanctuary, The International Fund for Animal Welfare and The National Marine Life Center.

The Reedus team at bigbaldhead has been fighting for the rights to ‘Neglected Murderesses’ for years. Gorey, a writer, illustrator, and designer known for his Victorian and Edwardian imagery and his macabre sense of humor, is said to have served as an inspiration to various authors and artists, including Lemony Snickett, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, and Neil Gaiman.