“Nor do I think it is to make a Nelson Mandela”

‘laSexta noche’ discussed on February 20 one of the issues that have starred on the media agenda: the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél. This judicial decision caused great disturbances for several days in different parts of the country and, for this reason, the program presented by Iñaki López wanted to know the opinion of some guests who visited the laSexta space: the Stool group, composed by Willy Bárcenas and Antón Carreño.

Iñaki López with Willy Bárcenas and Antón Carreño in ‘laSexta Noche’

« Putting someone in jail for what they said is not right, but we do not support how the protests have been. It does not make any sense, « admitted Carreño, who also does not agree with the type of speech that some of the rapper’s lyrics transmitted because » it influences a lot of people « : » You can protest in many ways, but not like that « , the young man concluded.

On the other hand, Willy Bárcenas also contributed his point of view, a little different from that of his partner: « Whatever stupid it is, I think putting you in jail for that, I don’t see any sense« , he affirmed, although he pointed out that the rapper had not only been accused for his controversial lyrics, but also for other judicial matters that he had open from before. » We have to see what idols we build because I do not think it is to make a Nelson Mandela of this man« , explained Bárcenas.

Errejón on Pablo Hasél: « He shouldn’t be in jail »

Íñigo Errejón was also present at ‘laSexta Noche’ on February 20, stating that the images that were being seen these days in relation to protests by Pablo Hasél were « regrettable ». The leader of Más País denounced that « these facts should not be used for fights in the Government. »

Although he considers that Hasél’s character is « absurd » and with « despicable letters », he believes that « he shouldn’t be in jail »: « I don’t want to live in a country where singers, puppeteers, actors or tweeters can end up in court or in a cell. I don’t want that to happen. » The politician is especially concerned about youth because « there is an entire generation that has only known the crisis and we have to ask ourselves what we have to transform so that this does not happen again. »