The National Statistics Institute (INE) has reported this Friday that the closure of hotel establishments and other short-stay tourist accommodation, camping sites and caravan parking lots for the general public, determined by the state of alarm, have led to zero tourist activity in these establishments during the month of April. Thus, extra-hotel overnight stays they fell 100% in the fourth month of the year.

Statistics recalls that an order of March 19 that developed the provisions of the first decree of the state of alarm determined the suspension of the opening to the public of all hotels and tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation, camping sites, caravan parks and other similar establishments, located anywhere in the national territory.

Thus, as of March 19, the hotel establishments gradually closed, their activity being completely suspended on March 26.

Thus, during the month of April the tourist apartments, camping sites, rural tourism accommodation and tourist hostels located in the national territory were closed for the performance of any tourist activity. Therefore, the number of open establishments, places offered, travelers received and overnight stays “They are zero throughout the national territory,” explains the agency.

Although some facilities were open in April to accommodate essential service workers, such as health workers, European regulations consider that they did not carry out tourist activities, therefore, its flows are not accounted for in the statistics.

The latest data on non-hotel overnight stays, corresponding to the month of March, reflected a historical decline of 63.2% Compared to March 2019, with only 2.5 million overnight stays, due to the health crisis and the progressive closure of establishments decreed in the state of alarm.