Nolwenn Leroy is a happy young mother. To take advantage of her son Marin and her companion Arnaud Clément, the former captain of the French Davis Cup team, the singer took a break in her career. An enchanted parenthesis for the winner of Star Academy 2 who has agreed to settle in Provence, in the childhood village of her dear and tender boy where their little boy enjoys the great outdoors.

On the occasion of the Pays d’Aix Open to be held in early September 2020, the former tennis player spoke about their new life together in the south of France in the columns of the regional daily. Between “walks in the creeks”, the long hours of walking “on the crest road” or even “walks in Beaurecueil to admire the Saint-Victoire that I can watch for hours”, but also “bouillabaisse, even if it reminds me more of Marseille “, the couple seems won over.

Sailor, already “a sacred character”

A sweet life in the sun embalmed by “the smell of thyme”, “rosemary and lavender”, which Nolwenn Leroy adopted. On July 19, 2020, the Breton woman unveiled an adorable picture of her holding her son in the arms in a lavender field A photo shared a few days after Marin’s birthday, which she fondly captions: “#MyBoy” and “#LeGrandAmour”.

Discreet, the interpreter of the title Natural History told Bernard Montiel, on RFM on July 13, 2020, that his son “is not bad, (…). He’s a hell of a character ”. As for his choices, whether he becomes an athlete like his dad or a singer like his mom, the latter intends to support him: “Sincerely, I think I will let him do what he wants to do, what he likes. him, not his parents. This is the most important, ”she told the host.

Check out the photo of Nolwenn Leroy is her son, here.

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