Nokia Lite Earbuds, Nokia’s new affordable headphones with impressive autonomy | Technology

If what you ask of cordless in-ear headphones is that they occupy little space and you do not have to be constantly recharging them, the new Nokia Lite Earbuds may interest you.

If Nokia became famous for something in its golden years, it is because of cheap mobiles that had weeks of autonomy. Something of that philosophy is in their new Nokia Lite Earbuds headphones, presented today along with a large number of new mobiles.

Nokia already has a few headsets on the market, but the new ones Nokia Lite Earbuds they want to position themselves close to the best-selling ranges of Chinese companies, which does not have the most cutting-edge technology, such as noise cancellation, but they have a good design, a great autonomy, and they are also affordable.

You can see today’s presentation of the new Nokia products in this live streaming carried out by my colleagues Alejandro Alcolea and Rubén Andrés:

And what do the new Nokia Lite Earbuds offer you?

Nokia has stood out in the presentation its ergonomic design, which do not bulge in the ear and are comfortable to wear, as well as the compact size of the case, and the autonomy.

They use 6mm drivers ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz, no noise cancellation, as we have mentioned. They connect with the mobile through Bluetooth 5.0.

These wireless headphones have noise cancellation for calls, a very long battery life and a very balanced sound.

Each earphone, which can be operated separately or linked in stereo mode, has a 40 mAh battery, which guarantees an autonomy of about 6 hours. What’s more the case has a 400 mAh battery with the possibility of carrying out 5 additional recharges, so we have a total autonomy of a spectacular 36 hours, well above average. Although as always, it is necessary to check the autonomy with actual use.

The case has a very compact size, so it allows you to carry it in your pants pocket without bulging too much and without generating malicious questions …

At the moment Nokia has not offered more information, since the links to the product on its official website still do not work.

We know that yes, data as important as that lThe new Nokia Lite Buds headphones will go on sale in mid-April at a price of only 39 euros. They will be available in two colors: Polar Ocean and Carbon.

As we have commented, Nokia has also presented today several mobiles in the entry and middle ranges, with interesting features at affordable prices. Take a look at the new Nokia C10, C20, G10 and G20, and the Nokia X10 and X20 with 5G and Zeiss cameras.