Noisy knees? Maybe you need to “get vaccinated”

By: Dr. Luis Montel May 02, 2021

If we feel pain or discomfort in our knees, as well as noises or cracks when moving them, we may need urgent preventive action. From the age of 30, we can have joint symptoms, specifically in the knees. This can become excruciating pain,

Many of my patients have what I call “dry knee syndrome.” That is, the lack of synovial fluid in the knees. If this is maintained for a long time, it could cause serious problems from cartilage wear, as well as movement difficulties and severe pain.

In this case, an injection of hyaluronic acid in the knees, always prescribed and administered by an expert doctor, could be the solution.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of synovial fluid. It is also responsible for the viscosity that absorbs shock and bone-to-bone shock. In addition, it nourishes, oxygenates and preserves the articular cartilage.

Every day I see the need for joint supplementation with hyaluronic acid, both in the elderly and in the young, mainly in people with great physical exhaustion such as athletes of all levels.

I have especially verified this when dealing with footballers from top teams in the English, Italian and Spanish leagues. How else could a 36-40 year old athlete keep their knees active and with a low injury rate? It is largely due to the use of hyaluronic acid in a curative and preventive way.

How do we know if we need it? If there is morning stiffness, noise when moving the knees, difficulty in stretching and bending the leg, sporadic or semi-permanent knee pain, occasional blockages, inflammation, swelling or redness of the joints, high temperature to the touch in the area or personal history or relatives of osteoarthritis, then you have to start acting.

For good knee health, a balanced diet and supplementation are necessary. An alkaline diet rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates, preferably natural products. For example, fish and seaweed, which are rich in antioxidant minerals and vitamins that rebuild cartilage and generate synovial fluid.

We can also rely on turmeric, mainly in fat-soluble extract, to increase its absorption. Hydrolyzed collagen should be a constant in daily supplementation, since with age we decrease its production. In addition to using glucosamine, chondroitin and spirulina algae.

In short, if you are worried about your knees, act now, always under the direction of a doctor.