Noelia’s white bodysuit is lost among her charms!

Noelia’s white bodysuit is lost among her charms! | Instagram

It was through a video that the beautiful blonde singer Noelia shared on her official Instagram account where she boasts a white bodysuit very tight, this was lost among its charms.

Also accompanied by a leather jacket, the interpreter of “Candle“She added several likes to her post once she started modeling for her followers.

It is likely that the piece she was wearing was part of her clothing line from Noelicious, one of the companies that runs the beautiful model of Puerto Rican origin as well as other celebrities such as Chayanne, Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin.

Noelia She has always stood out for being a beautiful but above all intelligent woman, not for nothing she is one of the celebrities who has remained among the most popular throughout her 20-year career, of which few personalities can boast.

10 hours ago that Noelia shared this video on his Instagram itself, which already has more than 125 thousand views.

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In its video She appears from her balcony leaning against one of the pillars of her railing, at the beginning of the video she is on her back and it seems that she is only wearing her jacket and long white boots because the body is quite tiny.

Something that when you turn around is immediately noticeable is one of his tattoos, this is located between Noelia’s hip but very in front, it is a design that surely has attracted a lot of attention to many, especially because it is very close to its parts .


In his description he wishes his followers a good and happy Sunday, something that some of them immediately returned their greetings among their 359 comments; While Noelia is on her balcony modeling this flirty outfit in her own way, we can immediately see her later charms, which caused her to lose part of her white bodysuit among them.

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With a beautiful landscape of the ocean, the beautiful singer gave us this beautiful postcard so that we could admire not only her beauty but also that of the landscape that surrounds her, this is not the first time she has shared a video or photograph on said balcony.

Noelia is quite active in the application, she continually publishes interesting content, which manages to steal the breath of more than one of her fans and will surely continue to do so.