Noelia’s fishnet stockings enhance her charms while dancing

Noelia's fishnet stockings enhance her charms while dancing (Instagram)

Noelia’s fishnet stockings enhance her charms while dancing | Instagram

Again the successful singer originally from the island of Puerto Rico, the beautiful and daring Noelia He managed to provoke more than sighs to his followers thanks to a video he published where he was dancing, the interesting thing was the outfit of fishnet stockings that he was wearing.

With more than 20 years of career Noelia he knows very well the tastes of his audience either in front of the stage or on his Instagram account, which coincidentally is the only social network that is surely active due to the constant activities that he must do during the day.

As you well know, Noelia besides being a beautiful singer and model is also a businesswoman so we are almost certain that the model she was using for her tremendous dance is part of her noelicious line, in which you can find the most daring models and beautiful.

Currently for a celebrity it is very easy to promote their activities through their social networks, in the case of Noelia Who is a great singer, model and businesswoman does everything at the same time, this because in addition to promoting her clothing line, she also does it with her music because if you pay attention to the video that we will share with you right away you will know that it is her own voice that is singing.

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You may wonder why he is interpreting a song to the rhythm of salsa, the answer is very simple a few weeks ago he shared the excellent news that he would release new albums, one entirely in English and another of music with salsa rhythms, throughout the days has delighted us with some little songs that he will include in his albums, there is no doubt that Noelia not for !.

In her video, as we already mentioned, she is dancing to one of her new songs, while she is wearing one of the smallest dresses we have ever seen, this is sleeveless turtleneck and appears to be made of latex on top, from the waist and skirt is made of a lighter fabric that moves easily in the wind.

There are two socks that she is wearing, one extremely thin that is barely noticeable and the one above it is black, attracting attention because of the pattern on the front, in addition the beautiful blonde was accompanied by long boots that make the perfect combination for her outfit, as an extra detail on the top of her dress, one of her charms is about to go off one side!


Wuau you are a beauty love “,” You shook yourself early “,” Spectacular your beauty your look very tempting excellent singer “, wrote some fans.

Over the years, Noelia has been surprising more and more, especially because it seems that she looks much better than at the beginning of her career, without a doubt the passage of the years does not seem to affect her at all, thanks to the constant exercise and insurance to a balanced diet is able to maintain a figure that could easily be compared to a 20-year-old.

Of course, with so many activities and businesses that she has to do throughout the day, it gives her reason to exercise her body and be active, because although it seems that she is only dedicated to promoting her figure and her OnlyFans page, Noelia does many things more, maybe you didn’t know it but the interpreter of “Clávame tu amor” owns several companies in which fortunately she has been doing quite well and will surely continue to be successful in all the projects she undertakes.

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