Noelia transparent garter belt, makes her fans sweat!

Noelia transparent garter belt, makes her fans sweat! | Instagram

Without a doubt the singer, businesswoman and model of Puerto Rican origin Noelia surprised her fans again with a photograph where she wore her charms, this when wearing a fitted black garter belt transparent and also fishnet stockings.

Although the image is not current not long ago he shared it on his official Instagram account, in addition you can also perceive some lace in the image with which he manages to highlight his perfect curves even more.

My 2021 collection of Noelicious Lingerie is coming, celebrating 10 Years of Noelicious, “she wrote.

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The beautiful celebrity has shown why she continues to be one of the favorite stars of Internet users, since she is constantly giving us content on Instagram, although she is also expanding in terms of Internet content, with her page of OnlyFans and another account on Celebriffy.

Noelia has managed to take advantage of its popularity on social networks, thanks to the content it publishes, its music and some of its companies is that it manages to keep the attention of its admirers, this image that it shared two days ago appears using a model of its line NoeliciousSurely when you see it more than one, you will want to buy it for your partner because this is really flirtatious.

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Although Noelia appears from the back, you can immediately notice that it is her, her figure is immediately identified, the garter belt is made up of some straps, lace at the waist that is obviously transparent and also some fishnet stockings, To complete the look, she is wearing quite high silver sneakers.


The place where it is located seems to be a hotel room, it has a carpet of two interesting colors in yellow and blue, a dressing table so that it is on one side of it, in front you can see two doors and on the left side a mirror length.

The publication has more than 23 thousand red hearts and 246 comments, several of them are just emojis of red hearts and flames, some are quite graphic, so it is not difficult to know what they want to imply.

For a few days, Noelia has commented that she may leave the Instagram application to dedicate herself only to her Celebriffy account, which gives the user the opportunity to earn money by sharing content, whether free or paid, is optional, something quite striking you don’t believe.