Noelia squats down and her charms are visible in her body!

Noelia squats down and her charms are visible in her body! | Instagram

The singer Noelia managed to surprise her fans again thanks to a flirtatious video that she recently shared, in it she bent down a bit revealing her tremendous later charms.

Usually the interpreter of “Candle“She shares quite striking content for her fans, as she is not afraid to show her pretty figure, becoming one of the favorites of Internet users because thanks to her beauty and talent she manages to steal some sighs while they watch her content.

The beautiful Internet celebrity shared this video on her official Instagram account five hours ago, although it lasts only a few seconds, it manages to impact so much that it already has more than one hundred thousand views.

It is possible that some of the users with accounts in the application have even bit their lips when seeing it and savoring themselves just thinking what they would do with it around, some of them simply let you know in the comment box without further ado They were direct and some even graphic.

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Undoubtedly Noelia he knows very well what his followers like and they like many things, of course speaking in reference to his content on social networks, so far he only manages two his Instagram account and that of Celebriffy, a new application that possibly become a favorite when making money.

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Well, I dropped something and I had to pick it up … “Noelia wrote.

In her video the singer, model and businesswoman appears wearing a tremendous phosphorescent body that we have seen on other occasions, it was on March 30 that she shared the last video wearing this flirty and tiny outfit.


While she was fixing her beautiful face a little, she appears in front of the mirror being a little bent, wearing this bodysuit that has attracted so much attention from her fans, especially when bending over and exposing her curvy charms.

If you like this outfit, you can buy it in its online store, in it you can find magnificent designs and the best of all is that it has them in different sizes so there is no excuse to buy it, surely you will find something that fits for you or your partner.

With 565 comments, Noelia managed to make more than one fall in love, especially since we found many heart emojis for her publication.