Noelia shows a thin thread, her black bodysuit does not cover much!

Noelia shows a thin thread, her black bodysuit does not cover much! (Inatagram)

Noelia shows a thin thread, her black bodysuit does not cover much! | Inatagram

Originally from Puerto Rico the singer Noelia dazzled her followers with one of her most recent videos, while wearing a bodysuit she reveals her charms, especially because she decided to be accompanied by a thin thread, which barely covered her parts.

Noelia She has always been characterized as an extremely beautiful woman as well as talented and entrepreneurial, in her 20-year career she has always found a way to keep her admirers aware of each of her publications, from the moment she opened her Instagram account. Fans did not hesitate and immediately started following her on the app.

Some time ago he ventured into OnlyFans, this company was launched in 2016, although at first perhaps they were not so popular in a short time it became a phenomenon, not only Noelia is the only celebrity who decided to create a page but thousands of people, including other personalities of the show, were given the task of launching their own exclusive content.

On constant occasions Noelia She has dedicated herself to promoting not only the companies that she has launched as an entrepreneur but also her private page.

A day ago she shared this video in black and white, Noelia always finds a way to attract the attention of Internet users and she achieves it with each of her ideas, like one of the most recent where she uses a very tight and thin black body from the front he showed maybe a little more than in other publications, we could even see part of his tattoo.


The bodysuit has a large neckline in the back, it is halter neck, in front it also has a neckline but this is deeper as well as the looks that are lost over and over again in your video when repeating it several times, at the bottom of Later on you can see part of her noble parts, as she is always careful Noelia did not show too much, she was also accompanied by fishnet stockings and high latex boots.

She can be seen modeling a little and wiggling to show off all her charms and exquisite figure, surely the sighs caused the imagination of her fans to begin to fly.

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If you are one of those who wants to see more and more, Sign up to my Only Fans account. Where you can see everything, everything, everything that cannot be seen here … I’m waiting for you now in my Only Fans account. DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE “, wrote the beautiful Noelia.

His million 300 thousand followers are very aware of what he shares on Instagram, so far it is the only social network in which he is active at the moment, he may not need more.

The interpreter of “Give me a reason” is not only a successful singer who, by the way, thanks to her song “Tu” has made millions end up in love, she managed to keep serenades in fashion for a long time and for couples to know love even more with the lyrics of his songs that have inspired so much.

Noelia has managed to combine singing with new stages in her life, especially when she decided to enter the industry, she became an excellent businesswoman and now also helps society not only by giving jobs to hundreds of people but also at different events, two great examples, the pandemic and children’s soccer teams, such as when he decided to provide some lunches and dinners to medical personnel who attended to the public during this pandemic and more than a hundred children’s soccer teams to achieve their dreams.

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