Noelia celebrated 20 years of her single Tú with a tiny body

Noelia celebrated 20 years of her single You with a tiny body (Instagram)

Noelia celebrated 20 years of her single You with a tiny body | Instagram

Known not only for her exquisite figure but also for her intense and romantic songs, the businesswoman, actress, singer and model Noelia of Puerto Rican origin excitedly shared the 20 years of the release of one of her greatest hits, her single “Tú”.

Throughout her career, Noelia has been characterized by being a complete celebrity, since she has not only dedicated herself to music, not that she also ventured into acting, she is also a model of her own companies, and speaking of companies, the interpreter of ” Dame Una Reason “has become an impressive enterprising woman.

Noelia It was accompanied by a video where she is again performing her song, while wearing a tight bodysuit with long boots and black fishnet stockings.

In addition to her extremely flirtatious video, as she has always tried to share this type of content, the singer Noelia was also accompanied by a long description where she emotionally shared what this melody meant to her.

The song Tú, which is one of my successes Thanks to You, we have been singing it for more than 20 Years until a few months ago Live and we will continue to do it in the Future, THE SONG WE MADE TOGETHER a success, has already been recorded as a cover by MANY Artists , “Noelia wrote.

While she was interpreting her song she was looking through a wide window, sitting on a bench, when she sang it she smiled excited and captivating as she always has been, Noelia is one of the singers who cannot help but be extremely flirtatious.

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For Noelia This melody talks about love and femininity, it expresses the love that the couple lives in the most intimate union that a couple could have, it is a magical moment that we have all come to feel by being with that person who full.

It is a hymn to Love, it is the Declaration of Love from a Woman to a Man “, shared the singer.

Noelia appreciates the support and affection that her followers and admirers have given her throughout these 20 years of artistic career, she has always been a grateful and humble woman with the treatment of her fans, as you well know, several of her successes have served cover for other artists, either of the same genre as Noelia and they have even made some arrangements to interpret some of her melodies in norteño and banda music.

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For this reason, the beautiful businesswoman has no problem, as she mentioned that if someone wanted to use her songs to improve their career and bring food to their home, they should do it, that is when their great humanity and the support they provide to their neighbors is noticeable.

I wish good to everyone and even bad people I wish light and good changes in their life … You already know that this is me … Everything else that those who are not you think is left over and does not affect nor does it change who I am. I Love You Always His Noelia “, concluded the singer.

Noelia He began his career since he was very young, he would be approximately twenty years old when he began to delight the pupils of the viewers and his audience in each of his presentations, being very young he already stole the glances and sighs of his fans.

His song “Tú” is part of his album titled “Noelia”, this was released the same year that he began his career as a singer in 1999, this being the first single from his album was the one that opened the doors for other countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and even some European countries like Italy and Spain, without a doubt Noelia She is one of the greatest artists we have known and we will surely continue listening to her hits for many years to come.

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