DDT and NOAH will unite into a single company, known as CyberFight.

The reason for the union is the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19.

NOAH and DDT come together in a single company called CyberFight

DDT and NOAH will soon unite into a single company that will be named CyberFight.

At a press conference held this morning, the union of the two companies was announced to create one under the name of CyberFight. This name is given after the owner of both companies is CyberAgent. This union will take effect from September 1. As we already know, CyberAgent, which was the company that owns DDT, bought the company Pro Wrestling NOAH in the past month of January of this year 2020, due to the economic problems that the latter had.

Both promotions, as well as Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling and GanPro will continue to operate as separate brands within the promotion.. Sanshiro Takagi, who recently took over the job as president of Pro Wrestling NOAH in January, will serve as president of the new promotion with NOAH star Naomichi Marufuji and DDT star Akito serving as executive vice presidents.

At the press conference, Takagi emphasized that the in-ring content of both promotions will remain the same. He said the move to merge the companies is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to streamline costs.

Takagi also said that one of the goals of the new company is to organize an event at the Tokyo Dome.

Now we will have to wait to see in September how the journey of this new company begins, and if its union serves to create competition with NJPW.

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