No, Xiaomi’s first product was not a mobile

Xiaomi’s first product was not a mobile terminal.

Today everyone knows Xiaomi, that Chinese firm that currently occupies one of the positions of the most important technology companies in the world and that manufactures some of the mobile terminals with the best value for money on the market.

And although many of you may not believe it, Xiaomi’s first product was not a mobile terminal. Yes, we know the brand thanks to its magnificent terminals but the truth is that its origins were very different.

This was Xiaomi’s first “product”

The Mi 11 Lite is available in black, pink and blue.

Despite the chaos that the Xiaomi terminal catalog can cause, we will not deny that we love their smartphones. Its prices are really competitive and its benefits are not bad at all, hence its success.

To greater abundance, Xiaomi manufactures many more things than terminals and it also sells gadgets such as external batteries, bag holders, smart bracelets, computers and many other really crazy products.

But not, none of these products were the first thing our favorite Chinese brand made. Curiously, the first product that Xiaomi made is something that all its terminals have and that thousands of users use every day. Guess it? Indeed, MIUI.

As we read in Android Authority, MIUI was Xiaomi’s first invention back in 2010. At first it was a customization layer for Android and thanks to forums like XDA, it soon became a great alternative to much more proven ROMs.

Remember that years ago, root, ROMs and customization was something much more important in Android than it is today. MIUI allowed more freedom than others as it included customizable lock screen, folders, themes, the ability to uninstall apps by sliding them to the top of the screen, and privacy measures such as call and SMS blacklists.

As you can understand, all these functions today are basic in any terminal but years ago there were few firms that offered them, hence Xiaomi became a resounding success overnight.

MIUI Xiaomi

The latest version of MIUI on a Xiaomi mobile.

Xiaomi’s first device would be launched in China in 2011 and it would be the Mi 1 with specifications that evidently little or nothing resembled those of current terminals such as the powerful Mi 11.

The truth is that MIUI is one of the keys to Xiaomi’s success and all this despite the fact that its fluidity is not the same as that of previous versions. However, MIUI 12 we love and it is that unlike Android in its stock version, it has a multitude of secrets and hidden functions that are the delight of consumers.

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