Georgina Duluc has had no children. At their age of 46, people often pressure women, asking for explanations. The actress and television presenter has the answer: « No woman has to explain why she does not have children or a partner. »

His arguments: « Society has imposed a supposed fullness associated with the roles. We do not need complement, a woman is complete for the simple fact of being who she is! ».

Duluc’s Instagram post, which registers 317,000 followers, generated in the last hours more than 200 comments, with similar judgments, but others against, opening a debate.

His colleague Dominic Fuentes was part of the comments: « Asking him so much is not very delicate, he falls into the morbid situation. Children are a life decision, not a uterine obligation. I wish you the best, live according to your happiness. »

Actress Masiel Taveras also commented that « God has made us complete, exactly. »

Word !, was what the actress and presenter Nashla Bogaert wrote to her, while the journalist Cherny Reyes reminded her of the song « La chula », by the Spanish Miguel Bosé: « You embody that cheeky chula, brimming with a feline charm, mulatto body divine ».

+ Reactions against

There were also those who contested with height, such as Laura Díaz: « In part it is true, but happiness next to someone and having children is the most real thing, beauty is not eternal, but when all this is over then it will be too late and they will say that she must have had at least one beautiful family, even if she raised a small being alone « .

Same opinion Iris Rodriguez: « Having a child is the best advice what can I give to you; I am not telling anyone that they have many. I only have one and it is the best thing that has happened to me in this life.

Patricia Santiago agrees with Duluc that for not wanting or being able to have children, the woman receives questions.

« They tell us bitter, but how many are there with unhappy marriages or with children struggling with irresponsible parents, » asks Patricia.

For Dailyn they are « absurd stereotypes, social codes imposed by society that have nothing to do with the individual needs and goals of each woman. »