No visa on the way to the baseball pre-olympic

The Selection of Cuba, who will travel to the Olympic qualifier in Las Americas, are currently without visa to travel to Florida in search of a ticket to Tokyo, which has generated multiple insecurities less than two weeks before the start of the event.

According to information provided by the Latino division of the news outlet, NBC, management and players are at a “crossroads” while a plane awaits their arrival in Florida in search of the classification to the Tokyo Olympics, who have expressed their regret in search of the documentation to be able to land on US territory.

According to the article presented by NBC at noon this Wednesday, the different athletes and management body of the Cuban Selection have tried to communicate with the U.S. Embassy on Cuba waiting for a visa authorization, but that, due to the fact that said department closed its facilities in the Caribbean country in 2017, they have not received any response.

In the same document, presented by NBC, statements from the treasurer of the Cuban Baseball Federation, Luis Daniel Del Risco, who revealed in front of The Associated Press, that they have made efforts in search of the visa to the baseball pre-olympic through countries such as Mexico, Panama and Guyana, but so far they have not been successful in the aforementioned process.

It is recalled that the baseball pre-olympic de América will be held from May 31 to June 5, as a way to achieve the classification to the Tokyo Olympics, a qualifier that will be held in the cities of Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, Florida, United States, a competition that will be divided into two groups; Group A: United States, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Nicaragua; Group B: Cuba, Venezuela, Canada and Colombia.

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