No, the Xbox Series X you are watching fuming are not burning, it is a trick

Yesterday was the launch of Microsoft’s new generation console, the Xbox Series X, and as usual, there are some users reporting – real – problems that they are encountering with their consoles. Certain Xbox Series X videos are also going viral, literally fuming, with users pointing to what they have left on fireAlthough our review already mentioned that the console is especially cool and quiet.

As is usual when a video of this type is viralized, many users begin to investigate the reality of its content, and the truth is that if you look at the video carefully, you will see how the smoke that comes out of the console, in addition to being abundant , It is thin and dense, something very characteristic of a very particular smoke:

And no, the Xbox Series X is not catching fire all over the internet. What’s more, it is nothing more than a joke of several users who, taking advantage of the console’s formfactor and the ventilation system, are simulating that the console is burning using vapers, which are the devices that take out that particular smoke.

The trick is to just put the console to rest – which keeps the ventilation active for a short period of time – and at the same time blow smoke with a vape, making the LED of the same is off, simulating that it has been deactivated abruptly, and at the same time, simulating a fire when the vapor from the vape comes out through the upper grill ventilation. Here you can see how that effect is simulated:

We do not know if in the future the new generation consoles are going to have problems with overheating or high temperatures, for now, and except in very special cases, they are very cool consoles that have very little chance of catching fire unless there is a failure particular, like any electrical appliance, on the other hand.

The smoke from the vape is water vapor condensed with other substances, so we recommend that if you have an Xbox Series X do not do that to your console, that is when a real problem could occur due to the moisture contained in that vapor, which It can ruin the electrical components of any device of this type.

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