“No Spanish club has defended Valencia”


On at 12:30 CEST

Anil Murthy, president of Valencia, no LaLiga team has complained about the alleged racist insults that it denounced Mouctar Diakhaby in the match between Cadiz and Valencia this weekend. He also gave his version of what happened to The Athletic despite not traveling to the game for personal reasons.

I am surprised that no Spanish club has come out to support Valencia’s statement. Many other clubs abroad have. But basically if we don’t root this out, If the clubs do not act together and the rules and regulations on how we deal with these types of events are really changed, I will say: “Alright, if it helps you fall asleep at night release statementsGo ahead but it’s not enough for me, “he said.

Murthy wanted to add that this attitude does not surprise him. “This is how things are around here. And that is why it is so urgent that the clubs and institutions say, let’s get serious, “asked the president of Valencia.

Nor did he have good words for The league, of whom he complains of his inability to find evidence. “Is shocking that it is the club’s job to provide evidence, when it is not that we have our cameras and video equipment recording the game. The only way to obtain evidence is if the institutions that organize the competition provide it to us. The protocol, rules and mentality with which it is faced are allowing this to continue happening, “he denounced.

In addition, he explained the same version that he gave Javi grace after the game, and she is the one who defends that Diakhaby was informed of what would happen if they did not return to the field of play and asked his teammates to come out to play. In addition and according to account, “The coach told the players that if they didn’t want to go out, they shouldn’t”.

Finally, the president asked that an investigation be opened against Juan Cala. “If you need evidence, you just have to watch television. Of course we cannot base a regulation on the face that a person puts on, but it is enough to see it to request that it be investigated”, he assured.