The Premier League expected a return to competition on April 30. It will not be. No more than in early May.

There is reason to be cautious, and to imagine football reclaiming its rights in a month is certainly not reasonable. At a time when Belgium, ignoring threats from UEFA, has decided to end its championships, the Premier League realized that the April 30 deadline originally set was not sustainable.

“The clubs have admitted that the Premier League will not resume in early May and that the 2019-2020 season can only restart when it is possible in a completely safe and suitable manner,” a Friday press release read. English football. The common goal remains to complete all national championships and remaining cup matches, to allow us to maintain the integrity of all competitions. “

A 30% drop in salary envisaged

“Any return to the game will only be with the full support of the government and when medical recommendations allow,” said the Premier League, which announced the likely future mobilization of players from the British elite. “The Premier League clubs have unanimously decided to consult with players on a package of measures combining a conditional reduction and deferral of wages for a total of 30% of the annual amount. “

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