“No Raise” Rating of William Levy’s New Telenovela Starring in Colombia – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

With great expectations, the new version of ´Coffee with the aroma of a woman´ was released in Colombia this past May 10th, starring William Levy, who after 8 years of absence from the small screen returns to melodramas with this story that in each one of the 3 versions that have been made of it (2 in Mexico) it has always been a success.

However, the results have not been the least expected, and the day of its premiere its rating was very bad with only 8.7 rating, being widely surpassed by the program of the competition channel, ´Diafío The Box´ that obtained 14.3.

And although the production hoped that the next day the rating would rise, the opposite happened and it fell almost one point to 7.8 and yesterday it only had 7.6.

In social networks it has been managed that the little audience it has had is due to the rejection that Colombians have of the RCN channel where this story is broadcast, since they accuse said television station of censoring the protests that have taken place in recent days in that country , which has upset people.

However, if this were the case, all the programs on that channel would have the same rating, and yesterday while ´Café con aroma de mujer´ had 7.6 audience, the program that followed it on that same channel had 9.4, almost 2 points more than fiction starring William Levy.

Now it is expected to see what will happen with its premiere in the United States on Telemundo on May 25, and in Mexico on Azteca 7 at the end of June.

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