“No one spoke all afternoon”

The fight that ‘Save me’ lived between Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez on February 16 It seems that he has been able to dynamite the relationship between them forever. Their friendship was already touched after the anger in ‘Saturday deluxe’ last summer, but this last blow could have been the final one. In addition, as Marta López said, the atmosphere was very different from other times.

Marta López recounts what happened in ‘Save me’

The collaborator, who also works on ‘Ya es noon’, explained in the Sonsoles Ónega program what was not seen after the fight between the two titans. « It was strong, but yesterday what happened was something different. Normally when someone gets up and leaves, the cameras, the companions, Jorge … No one got up yesterday« said López, who was present on the set at that time.

According to his account, the confrontation generated an atmosphere of tension very different from the usual one, and it is normal in ‘Save me’ to see anger among the collaborators, tears and departures from the set. « Do you know what it’s like if no one ever talked about it again? No one spoke all afternoon. Normally among colleagues, when you go to publish, you say: ‘oysters, the one that has been bundled’. Nothing. Yes, there was a tension and I noticed Jorge, that within his professionalism, that he had to be affected, continued with the program as if nothing« says the former great sister. »I noticed him with sorrow, with disappointment« .

A photo, the origin of everything

The afternoon in ‘Save me’ passed normally last Tuesday. However, it was a photo that blew everything up. At the beginning of the program, Belén Esteban referred to an image of her that circulated through networks and Kiko Hernández, who had been absent from ‘Save me’ for several days, was interested in what he was referring to. Jorge Javier Vazquez showed him the photo in question, something that did not sit well with Paracuellos, who defended herself by ensuring that she he had compromised photos of him that he didn’t show. This caused the presenter’s anger, turning the tables and causing a new schism in their relationship.