José Manuel Franco, delegate of the Government and leader of the PSOE in Madrid, has not wanted to rectify his plan to try to separate Isabel Díaz Ayuso of the Autonomous Government of the Community of Madrid “twisting the issue of residences”. The socialist leader has adopted a cocky attitude when affirming that “No one is going to take my mind away”.

This is what Franco has shown in his first public appearance after OKDIARIO published last Thursday a telematic talk with militants and leaders of the PSOE in which he encouraged “twisting the issue of residences”, alluding to the hundreds of deceased elderly people by coronavirus in the region. The Government delegate in Madrid did not want to ask for forgiveness, nor did he want to rectify these statements.

«I will not enter battles that nothing leads. Nobody is going to take away my opinion that it would be desirable for primary care centers to open in their entirety or on certain topics in defense of the interests of Madrid residents. I will always put the general interest before partisan interests ”, José Manuel Franco assured on Monday at the press conference offered after the only meeting of the Delegation Coordination Center to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

The also secretary general of the PSOE in Madrid has assured that he has behaved “with the maximum institutional loyalty” from his public office, a function that he has carried out, in his opinion, “in the best possible way” like the rest of the political leaders. «I am clear about my functions», has remarked in relation to his position in the Delegation of the Government of Madrid and that of the General Secretariat of the PSOE in the region.

“But I have a personal opinion and I will always put the interests of all Madrid residents first. Maximum institutional loyalty and maximum collaboration to talk about the future. We are all going to work together in that direction, ”he defended.

“I will explain”

The PP last week registered a request for José Manuel Franco to appear in the Senate in order to explain the plan against Isabel Díaz Ayuso exposed in an internal talk with other charges of his formation. The socialist president has assured that he is willing to appear in the Upper House “in whatever is necessary.”

“My way of acting is always give the necessary explanations wherever. The statements I made were in an informal setting, within the party. It was not a meeting of mayors and so we closed a cycle of conferences, “he said.

However, José Manuel Franco has remarked that he will speak of “what worries the people of Madrid and for their benefit.” He gave as an example the situation of the Madrid Healthcare in the face of a possible outbreak, at which time he will tell the truth “now and always”.

«And I will always act with the utmost institutional loyalty. I respect the Government of Madrid as an institution. The regional government will always have me there. We have all done the job in the best possible way. We have all tried to do our best so that this pandemic had the least consequences. Thanks to the work of the Government of Spain, the state of alarm, autonomous governments and municipal governments we have saved thousands of lives, “he argued.

The leader of the PSOE in the Community of Madrid has tried to divert attention from the exclusive OKDIARIO by affirming that he wants to “talk about the future”, such as “the minimum vital income, plans in the tourism sector, economic problems and unemployment ». “I would like to talk about how we came out in economic terms. Either we all act together or it has a much more difficult way out, “he added.

Motion of censure with C’s

Franco also revealed in his telematic talk the strategy to follow of his training in the Community of Madrid: use a judicial accusation of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to put pressure on Citizens to break with the Popular Party for democratic regeneration.

“Ayuso is charged with improper bribery over the apartment issue, it will be necessary to get Ciudadanos to support a motion of censure,” José Manuel Franco revealed to colleagues in his party. In this way, he uncovers that one of the main strengths that socialists have is to exploit a judicial complaint so that the parliamentary group of Ignacio Aguado abandon the ‘popular’.

The vice president of the Community of Madrid avoided answering this question last week. Ignacio Aguado did accuse Franco of using the Government Delegation to oppose the autonomous government.

“I think there is an obvious confusion between the institutional position of José Manuel Franco and his position as the secretary general of the PSOE in Madrid. The government delegate cannot allow himself to say at an internal PSOE meeting that the Government of the Community of Madrid must be destabilized. What relations do you intend to maintain with the Government of the Community of Madrid if you say that? ”Said Aguado.