“No Man’s Sky”: update allows adopting pets

No Man’s Sky update will feature pets | Hello games

For players who have ever felt lonely exploring the planets of “No Man’s Sky” on their own, the developer Hello games he just gave everyone a way to make sure they always have a friend by their side thanks to his update: « No Man’s Sky: Companions. »

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The latest content release now available has added the ability to make friends with pets, raise eggs to carry on the lineages of their adopted companions and even give players the opportunity to create « Creatures never seen before. »

Adopt at pets And having them walk by your side as you explore different planets is the foundation of the update, but there’s so much more to it than that. A featured reel from the update “No Man’s Sky: Companions” that game creator Sean Murray shares below, provides an overview of some of the actions made possible by the latest release.

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As explained in the post about the update found on the PlayStation Blog, players will be able to tame different creatures from all over the universe after installing the update.

Creatures can be raise and summon different locations to make sure you always have someone with you on your travels.