The contingency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is easing at a slower pace and at the moment it is still important to maintain the measures that were indicated months ago. As you know, in these weeks of confinement video games have positioned themselves as the quintessential form of entertainment and at LEVEL UP we have given you some recommendations in our Stay at Home series and given that the restrictions continue in our country, that means that you still have time to play more video games than usual. Hence, this time I make you an invitation to explore space.

The era of updates and DLC offered possibilities for improvement and expansion for video games because, unlike in the past, the product is open to make changes, adjustments or include additional content to meet the taste of fans as part of a cycle. commercial. However, this also opens the door to dangerous combinations, such as development and publishing demands and bumpy processes that end up delivering an incomplete product that doesn’t survive hype. In this context, one of the best-known exponents is No Man’s Sky from Hello Games, a project that succumbed to the hype and that after having hit rock bottom understood that there were 2 options: lose yourself and condemn the studio forever or make the attempt to go to above.

2016 saw the debut of No Man’s Sky, a game that in its promotional phase captivated many players as it captured the essence of space exploration and the possibilities that were once handled in all kinds of Sci-fi works. The expectation generated by Hello Games and Sean Murray, its director, was enormous and more because it was thought in terms of the capabilities of a new generation, specifically the PlayStation 4, what could possibly go wrong?

It was then that the idea of ​​having an entire universe, generated procedurally, and the freedom of exploration that would lead us to visit all kinds of planets with particular conditions and unique flora and fauna blew our minds. However, the launch not only did not survive the hype but succumbed to it. Repetitive technical issues, mechanics, and the lack of promised features and elements during the development process resulted in a catastrophe and a sector of players who were deemed ripped off.

Against the odds, No Man’s Sky did it

From there, and carrying the weight of the errors on his shoulders, Hello Games decided that the most honest thing was to continue, even when the commercial potential of No Man’s Sky had disappeared, to offer players the title they saw in the trailers and previews and deliver on what was promised. The result? The space exploration game that comes closest to what we saw before launch.

Precisely, if I speak of No Man’s Sky at this moment, it is because the game only arrived at Xbox Game Pass and curiously it was after its launch on Xbox One where we can locate the moment when it began its ascent in search of redemption. Yes, procedural generation can give us an immense variety of worlds and content, but that does not imply that this is the case with mechanics or things to do. Exploring, sourcing, fulfilling simple millions in a story mode, because it does, and the basic progression system as well as a multiplayer component keep the essence of the original proposition, so you can follow sinning from repetitive.

However, it cannot be denied that things have improved a lot in No Man’s Sky and that there is a sector of players who have returned to the game years later and were immediately hooked with all the improvements. After all, his proposal did not stop attracting attention despite the problems encountered and it worked for those players who were looking for a title of this type.

In the end, No Man’s Sky has been counting for 4 years, but the most recent 2 account for its improvement process and recently that I have started with this experience I can say that, together with Outer Wilds, it is a game that meets those who seek a space travel experience as we imagined it as children with our first video games. Entering and leaving a planet, facing the unknown with the risks that implies and having this universe in a simple data package or a disk was incredible after all

No Man’s Sky is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and right now you can download it on Xbox Game Pass to give it a try and lose yourself in this very special universe.

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