No costumes! Karime Pindter gives nature a beautiful show

No costumes !, Karime Pindter gives a beautiful show to nature (Instagram)

Without costumes !, Karime Pindter gives a beautiful show to nature | Instagram

Free as the wind! That is the sensation of the spectacular photograph that Karime Pindter gave to her followers on Instagram from beautiful nature.

The beautiful girl of Acapulco shore He shared the photograph in which without any wardrobe he is shown in front of nature and directly to steal sighs on Instagram.

In a setting that inspires beauty and peace, Karime Pindter posed for the camera lens just raised, from the bed and with only the nature of accessory.

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In the photograph that the beautiful Matrioshka shared on her official Instagram account, Karime Pindter can be seen with her back uncovered, with her back to the camera and enjoying the green panorama in front of her eyes.

The famous friend of Manelyk González He played with the sheets to cover the essentials and completely delight Instagram.

The influencer was in what appears to be a spectacular room with transparent glass walls that allows a perfect view of the landscape, a truly enviable moment.
Karime Pindter he wanted to allude to the beauty of the place with his message and added how much he liked that place.

This is how I would like to wake up every morning, wrote the member of the MTV reality series along with the photograph.

The photograph was shared on the social network two days ago and has exceeded 190 thousand reactions among its fans. Internet users could not resist commenting something to the beautiful Karime Pindter and alluded to her beauty and how much they would like to share that moment with her in that heavenly place.


Karime Pindter together with Manelyk González have become the dynamic duo of Acapulco Shore, since these girls, in addition to being partners in Acapulco shoreThey are very good friends and they even call themselves comadres.

The combination of characters and beauty of these two young women have brought a perfect chemistry inside and outside the famous show MTV. Both girls are hugely successful on their social media, but together, they are much more than that.

Recently, Karime Pindter and Manelyk González posed together for the famous social network from the beach; something that delighted his followers on Instagram. The famous women wore beautiful two-piece swimsuits that allowed them to show off their silhouettes in all their splendor.

In said photograph, the Matryoshka and his comadre posed from a cot, one on him and the other leaning just a little to pose as flirtatious. Sun, beauty, sand and sea, the perfect combination.

The publication in question was made on October 1 and exceeded 400 thousand reactions on the famous social network, the compliments for both stars of Acapulco Shore could not be missing in the comment box.

Who else enjoyed the bridge? Comment if you urge it to be the weekend, wrote the beautiful Karime Pindter, the photograph was shared on her official Instagram account.

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Both Karime and Manelyk and many of the other young people from Acapulco Shore achieved success thanks to this famous MTV show. These girls wanted to go further and decided to become entrepreneurs and influencers.

Karime Pindter has more than five million followers on Instagram, while the spectacular Manelyk González it has almost double, with more than 10 million.

Both have proven to be more than a pretty face and have taken advantage of their fame to become models for recognized brands, covers and even create their own products or companies.