No cases of the Delta variant have yet been identified in CDMX


In Mexico City, no cases of the SARS-CoV-2 variant known as Delta have yet been identified, said the Secretary of Health, Oliva López.

“Indre, the National Institute of Epidemiological Diagnoses and Reference and also INMEGEN, are doing this monitoring. At this time, what is being reported, well, until week 20, the so-called Mexican variant was basically reported, which is not of concern, nor of surveillance, nor of interest. There was also the English, which is having a percentage around 20 percent of the cases, the Brazilian, and they were looking, they are about to report if they found, if they found a Delta variant; We still do not have this report, but it is being monitored, ”said Oliva López, CDMX Secretary of Health.

The capital city official indicated that regardless of the variants, the important thing is not to lower your guard and continue with the use of face masks even when you are already vaccinated with one and even two doses.

“The infections that we are seeing as it has already been presented in the data, which are shown every Friday, the age group of infections is moving towards the younger groups, so it is very important that regardless of the variant, the Delta is reports as a more contagious variant, that we all continue to have these precautionary measures, in a generalized way, “he added.

Finally, he indicated that according to research, the Delta variant does not produce more serious pictures of the disease, but it is – until now – the most contagious of all those known, so the risk of becoming infected is greater.

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