The new conspiracy theories mistakenly point to 5G technology as the origin of the coronavirus epidemic. According to these crazy theories, 5G would either cause the disease directly or at least cause people’s immune systems to weaken, allowing the virus to enter more easily. Therefore, completely unusual situations are occurring.

Just as at the time the French police were forced to warn the population that cocaine cures the coronavirus, or even that drinking bleach would prevent us from the disease, all kinds of hoaxes and false information are coming out. This is a very dangerous situation. Now, it’s the turn of 5G technology.

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There are people who believe that the coronavirus is the fault of 5G and that is why they have burned down telephone towers in the United Kingdom

In the UK, specifically, Three 5G phone antennas have been burned to date due to this false belief that the coronavirus would be caused by this technology., in addition to the fact that other towers have been attacked. First it was a 20 meter high tower in Birmingham that was burned by the possible coronavirus-5G connection. The same day another tower in Belfast would also be burned for the same reason; and the most recent, on Friday, having been burned in Liverpool. All of them had in common that they were burned because those who did so thought they were the focus of COVID19.

But the thing does not stop there: operators of telephone companies in the United Kingdom have also denounced having been threatened for this very reason. Even technicians installing or repairing fiber optics – which has nothing to do with 5G telecommunications – have been rebuked on the street for the alleged connections. In the following video we can see how a woman rebukes two fiber optic installers based on the fact that London, where there are more specimens of patients with coronavirus, is also where more antennas of 5G technology are located.

In addition, Vodafone has alerted that 4 other antennas have also been attacked in the last day, although it is unknown if they are 5G antennas or not. Thus, people could be attacking any kind of antenna, and not just 5G.

How can we have come to think that 5G is the origin of the coronavirus?

Leaving aside all the theories that were already circulating online before the coronavirus, one of the arguments that is being used the most to “demonstrate” that 5G technology has caused this entire epidemic is because Wuhan, the first epicenter of the disease at the level worldwide, it was one of the cities also worldwide where 5G was installed and used massively. The other cities where 5G was installed at the same time were Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, among many others.

In fact, this happened on November 1, shortly before the first recorded case of the virus. From the time 5G was first used until the first coronavirus case was detected in Wuhan, only 16 days passed. This, as we can imagine, has unleashed all kinds of conspiracy theories that have caused us to find ourselves in the current situation.

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YouTube and Facebook get down to work to prevent the spread of hoaxes regarding the coronavirus and 5G

More than ever we need the telephone connections due to the confinements we are suffering. Not only to contact our family, but also to request emergency services. Telecommunications, in addition, are services that, in addition to being used by regular users, are also used by emergency services; The fact that telecommunications are not available is something that could be fatal and that would cause additional damage to COVID-19.

It never helps to cut communications, much less now. It is because of that both Facebook and YouTube are overexerting to remove any type of content that could encourage this false belief. In fact, these platforms together with Twitter have been the main means of dissemination of these theories.

Facebook recently closed a public group that encouraged people to upload photos and videos by burning and damaging telephone antennas, inciting people to repeat the steps. YouTube is also removing those videos that also lead people to believe that coronavirus and 5G are related.

The disease-telecommunications relationship is long, but it is not true

But the problems do not come from now: before the coronavirus telecommunications was also blamed for causing other diseases. One of them is cancer. But in reality, it has not been scientifically proven that wireless telecommunications cause any type of disease. That is why, according to the World Health Organization, they are in category 2B, which implies that they have a potentially low risk of producing cancer, or what is the same, there is no evidence of it.

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The energy levels of 5G radio waves have no capacity of altering the immune system, much less causing disease. And we are not saying it, but Dr. Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading located in England.

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