“NIW offers mobility in Madrid, but also in emptied Spain”

Gerardo Pérez, President of Faconauto and Director of NIW



Updated on Monday, 3 May 2021 – 17:24

It explains how the dealers’ digital platform to sell used wants to offer ‘renting’, pay-per-use services “or whatever the customer comes up with when he thinks of mobility.”

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While the new passenger car market is trying to rebound – data for April this year compared to the same month in 2019 show a drop of more than 34% – used vehicles are weathering the storm. Gerardo Pérez, president of Faconauto (the employer’s association of car dealers) and director of NIWHe explains that «in the second-hand market, transfers grow by 1%; but where it grows most is in vehicles from 0 to 5 years old, which is where NIW puts the focus; without forgetting that the transfers of cars between 1 and 2 years go up 37% ».

Hence, dealers are betting on NIW, a digital vehicle sales platform where they have the majority of the capital to sell their used vehicles. “We know that the competition is strong. But we are laying the foundations of what will be a great digital mobility platform, because NIW not only wants to sell used cars, but we have the philosophy of becoming a comprehensive mobility platform ”.

much more than the sale of a vehicle

A mobility that reaches the entire Spanish geography. «There will not only be new mobility in Madrid, Barcelona or Seville. We are also going to offer it in Logroño or Soria. Because NIW has 3,000 dealerships throughout Spain where customers will be able to buy their used car or request in the near future services such as a car to make a specific trip, or see where there is a recharging point for the electric car that you have rented from us »explains Pérez.

Therefore, Pérez believes that NIW is an example of how to digitize a company with Spanish capital. «We are a Spanish platform that is going to spill mobility in emptied Spain. The problem is that if we do not do it, a Google, an Amazon or the car brands themselves will come and do it. For this reason, in Faconauto’s negotiations with the Government on recovery funds, NIW is an example of the conversion of Spanish companies towards digitization with the new mobility at the center ”. Hence they aspire to a piece of the pie of the European recovery funds.

7,000 operations in this year

Pérez affirms that this year’s objective “is to close with 7,000 direct operations at NIW. We are putting the focus on digital transfers, but we do not want to force the customer: if he wants to go to the dealer he goes to, he has to be the one who chooses the purchasing channel ». One of the differentiating points of the platform according to him is the guarantee. «We have 30,000 vehicles distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Everyone knows what traceability of those vehicles; In addition to giving in the same invoice the payment of the vehicle, the financing and the insurance. I believe that the competition can do this, but without the same guarantees that we give.

1.8 million clients have already passed through NIW and the rate of visits is growing at a rate of 20% per month. According to the internal surveys of the digital platform, 25% of its clients would be willing to carry out the transaction completely digitally. “But Provided that the appropriate security conditions are in place, because you are making transfers of 50,000 euros ”.

This percentage of online purchases will increase as the supply of used cars increases. “When you want to buy a new car online it is easier because you configure it and any dealer will offer it to you or have it in stock. In the used market, existing vehicles are very unique: finding a car of a specific color, mileage, age and price is more difficult.

According to the criteria of

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