Niurka Marcos said that he would eat everything from a Boricua | INSTAGRAM

The vedette Niurka Marcos performed from the comfort of her home a live on her official Instagram account, in which she received a greeting from a man from Puerto Rico, to which the actress responded, in a very mischievous way, that Puerto Ricans are some macho, that she loves and that is just what “she needs”.

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She also mentioned that if she had such a man at her side “she would not have to do anything but let her do everything, like eating him from top to bottom”. With this, Niurka reaffirms, again that there is no filter between what you think and what you say, much less if it is about carnal pleasures.

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Recall that last March the successful vedette turned 52 years old. Birthday in which she boasted her beautiful figure with which she has referred to time as an exquisite vintage that has made her one of the most beautiful and liked women by thousands.

The vedette appears wearing her body in a swimsuit like the one worn by the participants of the bodybuilding competitions, which many would see as a swimsuit, so they ended up surprised by the seductive way it appears.

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The vedette loves to be the center of attention and will never be the exception, because on several occasions on her official Instagram she usually uploads flirty photographs, with which she has exceeded each time before.

For Niurka, quarantine is not synonymous with lying down all day, but an excellent opportunity to keep her body active and not get bored in the process, which is why she has invited her bebénius to do the same.

Far from the scandals in which the vedette is involved, she is considered an exemplary mother, a fairly clear example of her discipline is her daughter Romina, who helped her lose many kilos and now has a spectacular figure like her mother.