Niurka Marcos reveals gruesome childhood experiences

Niurka Marcos reveals gruesome childhood experiences (INSTAGRAM)

Niurka Marcos reveals horrifying experiences of her childhood | INSTAGRAM

It is no secret that Cuban singer, actress and dancer, Niurka Marcos, does not “mince words”, and any situation that she has experienced before will count on her with all the confidence, as long as the audience can know all the aspects of her life.

So, as is his custom, he made a confession of a terrible event in her childhood, with the sincerity that characterizes her, the star surprised the press by revealing one of the hardest episodes she had to live in her past, when one of her neighbors behaved improperly with her, despite that she was just a little girl.

It turns out that on his most recent arrival at the Mexico City airport the vedette She was approached by the press that was waiting for her in the place and among many other topics, Marcos was questioned about whether at some point in her life she had suffered some kind of abuse.

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Niurka didn’t think about it for a second and not only immediately answered yes; but he also recounted in detail this bitter memory of his childhood.

Looking at all the reporters, and telling her sad story, she began by stating that she was around seven or eight years old, and was playing near her home, to which suddenly a man, who was her neighbor’s partner, He spoke for her to come closer, and she innocently responded to the call.

In detail, the actress mentioned the following: “A neighbor had a boyfriend. I was little, I would be about 7 or 8 years old. He sat me on his lap and started doing like this… he would move, and I would say, ‘what the heck @ #% with this one?’ But I was very innocent, ”said the Cuban to the cameras.

When talking about the fact, he made the mimicry that the abuser did in his time, alluding to the fact that he practically touched it all, the reporters when they saw the action laughed, but Niurka never lost his seriousness and they had to apologize, Well, they were dealing with a very sensitive subject.

Faced with the groping of her neighbor’s partner, little Niurka was clearly uncomfortable, as she was aware that this should not happen, because her mother had taught her very well that there were parts of her body that should not be touched by anyone.

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The talented Vedette also assured that after this unfortunate incident she did not remain silent, and although she did not know very well what had happened, she decided to tell her mother, because the attitude of her neighbor made her feel very uncomfortable.

And her mother let herself go like an enraged lioness to defend her little girl, given the murky event, she had to go to where the aforementioned neighbor’s boyfriend was and fight for her daughter, in this way Niurka told what happened:

“I trout, I told my mother later: ‘It’s that she sat me on her legs, so normal when an adult tells you:’ come my girl, sit here ‘and it was done like that in my co $% & /’ “He added.

The Cuban also confessed that her mother, in addition to believing her, defended her and created a tremendous scandal for the man who wanted to go overboard with her: “My mother went and slapped her and made a scandal, because my mother was very good for that. I inherited that ”.

In this way, Niurka confessed how this fact happened, and how her mother did the right thing by believing what was happening, and immediately come to defend her, something that today is not very common to happen, because For some strange reason they prefer to believe whoever does the ab * so, applause for Niurka and her mother.