Niurka Marcos is criticized for wearing a Barbie costume | Instagram

The actress and actress Niurka Marcos posed like never before disguised as a barbie, something that unleashed a wave of critics towards her, something that is not at all strange, because her life is often full of criticism.

Niurka meets once again In the eye of the hurricane after sharing a photograph pretending to be a daring barbie, something that many of her followers did not like at all.

The photograph was clearly taken years ago, Because it looks very different from how it is now, both his face and his body.

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The dancer appears posing lying on the floor wearing a hairstyle like Barbie with a white ribbon in her hair, a lace top, a thong and heels.

Click here to view Niurka’s photograph.

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Good morning happy Thursday to all my bebenius ….. “he wrote in the post.

The publication was shared yesterday and almost immediately began to receive negative messages against it and so far has more than 10 thousand likes.

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Hahahaha how horrible, now of Barbie “,” Now sit down lady “,” You should be sorry now “, were some of the criticisms.

Apparently the vedette bothered these criticisms a lot, because hours later they were removed those kinds of comments and only left the comments where he gets compliments.

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Barbie girl !! I love you !!! “,” Guapísima MamáNiu “,” Bellaaaa “,” Ok beautiful and stop it! He is killing them with his beauty “,” Our Cuban barbie “,” Hermosaaaaa mama niu “, were some of the good comments.

It should be mentioned that Niurka is known as “Scandal woman”Well, there is not a day that is not in the crosshairs either due to scandals, fights or simply a photograph that you share.

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Despite the controversies that the Cuban actress has experienced, she has managed to become one of the most popular public figures on social networks and much loved by thousands of Mexicans.