Niurka Marcos becomes the new Walter Mercado | Instagram

The famous star, Niurka Marcos, after having released the documentary film Walter Mercado, has decided to make a tribute towards imitating him on his social networks creating hundreds of reactions from his followers.

Actress, singer and dancer captivated millions of followers with an imitation of the Puerto Rican character.

In this video, the vedette imitates and looks identical to the famous astrologerSome even commented to her that she would be the next astrologer taking away her position from Mhoni Vidente.

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With love, a tribute to Walter Mercado who gave us wonderful memories ……. thank you …… « , he wrote in the publication.

That was how Niurka was again trend on social networks and his followers applauded his gesture with Walter, who failed in November last year.

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The video shared on your official account Instagram, two days after being published, it has more than 100 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments flattering her and asking for more parodies of the astrologer.

You are mean @ crazy but you @ like me sometimes « , » Niurka thank you for loving Walter because you are loving my country and thank you beautiful « , » If Walter is missed « , » If you look hahahahaha « , » Hahahaha you are very good for that « , were some of the comments.

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It is worth mentioning that the admired astrologer failed in November from last year, but his memory is more alive than ever.

Netflix has just released the documentary about its passionate life Much, much love, the mythical phrase with which he always said goodbye when giving the horoscope.

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Mercado’s popularity stems, above all, from his participation as an astrologer in the American chain Univision.

His documentary has quickly become most viewed from the platform, well millions of people keep remembering it with a lot of love.