Niurka a mocks Lorena Herrera in a monumental way | Instagram

Niurka Marcos does not mince words and now she made fun of Lorena Herrera.

And it is that a few days ago the singer implied that she takes chlorine dioxide as a treatment to prevent Covid-19, so the press asked for his opinion the cuban, who assured that this substance can only be used to whiten certain parts of the body.

« You are really crazy. How are you going to bleach yourself? She surely wants to bleach her ass. (Herrera) He says ‘If it’s not at the entrance, it’s at the exit,’ « said the controversial actress.

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« I bitter nothing in my life, that bitterness in my life does not, » he added, while Rosita Pelayo, with whom he was in the recording of a program, pointed out the opposite.

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« It doesn’t taste like anything, I tried it, but I didn’t like it, » said Pelayo.
But the vedette returned to give a sample that she does not shut up.

« It’s a poison, how are you going to like it? Imagine, you put it on the carpet and it turns white because you have to have a really fucking white conscience, bitch, you’re really crazy! » Cofepris has warned about chlorine dioxide, which is used in the manufacture of paper, and if ingested it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and in extreme cases liver damage.

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After this, Niurka took the opportunity to promote her line of face masks that she just took out, which has printed phrases that the Cuban woman has made famous, for example, « I saw you … but I ignored you », « You hit the Berlin wall », among others, which he claimed will be collectibles.

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Niurka has always been characterized as a woman who says things up front and never boasts of her controversial comments, so much so that she is called tanción « The scandal woman », she affirms it herself saying that there is no one more irreverent than her and defends it with pride.

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